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Season 2 Trailer

September 07, 2021 Leo Yockey Season 2
The Leo Yockey Show
Season 2 Trailer
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Trailer for season 2 of The Leo Yockey Show, coming every Tuesday starting September 14!

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By: Leo Yockey

What the fuck are any of us even doing with our lives? Let's talk about it. Hi, I'm Leo Yockey, host of the Leo Yockey show. I believe that everyone's unique life path contains universal truths that can teach and inspire all of us. In other words, I think we have more in common than not, even when we seem different on the outside. How do we even get to these commonalities? I think it's by having conversations and talking to each other. So allow me to facilitate those conversations. Why me, you might ask, oh, no, I think I'm pretty interesting. I have a biracial trans man, first generation American, my family's from Tanzania, a woefully underrepresented country in East Africa. I'm a software engineer, and a comedian. my free time can consist of either reading 800 page, historical biographies, or, you know, being on Tick Tock. Skipping college, I learned most of my life lessons while working as a Las Vegas casino security guard. Oh, and I loved theme parks. Basically, I've had some unique experiences. And I've met a lot of cool people along the way. And I'm inviting you to be a fly on the wall. While I've talked to some of these cool people. Last season, we had conversations like, how does defining your sexuality help you figure out what you want to do for a career? Or what to do a first time mom and a trans man have in common? Or how do you build a business from the ground up? When making money isn't even a goal of yours? This season, we're gonna go even deeper into topics like representation, spirituality, sexuality, and all of the challenges and opportunities that come from living here in the 21st century. At the end of the world, some might say. Anyway, be sure to subscribe to the Leo Yockey show wherever you listen to podcasts, and follow me on social media. laugh, cry and learn with us, but most importantly, stay evolving.